Welcome to a very incomplete gallery of Blues singers and players. These are folks who have caught my fancy over the years for the amazing things I've heard them do. A lot of them are no longer with us in body but they can still be heard singing on scratchy old recordings (preferably) of digitally remastered and cleaned up CDs. I think I'd rather listen to Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith on an old scratchy 78 myself. I was going to segregate the guys from the gals at first, but than I decided what the hell for - they all belong together. So enjoy the pics, and I hope it inspires you to go out and at least listen if not buy some of their music. Without these folk the music we listen to today would have been a lot more boring


One of only two known photos of Robert Johnson in existance

Bessie Smith

A very early Silver backed metal plate photo of Bessie


A scholarly looking Elmore James in the studio


Dinah Washington let's it rip at an outdoor concert.

B B King

That's Mr. "Blues Boy" King to you! (Note the painting in behind him)

Muddy Waters

Wasn't That A Man! The Mannish Boy Himself, Muddy Waters

Sonny+Brownie live in New York city

Maybe they couldn't stand each other, but boy could they play well together. Sonny and Brownie

Albert Collins

The Iceman Cometh! Albert Collins

Etta James in Czech Republic

Etta James caught live on Czech television. Isn't she a woman

Big Momma Thornton

It was her "Hound Dog" that Elvis was singing about. Big Momma Thornton

Koko Taylor

Koko Taylor makes a point in San Francisco

Albert King

Albert King and his flying "V" cruising at a high altitude.


Nina Simone makes sure you get the point and the message.


Bernard Allison following his dad into the wild blues yonder.


Luther Allison reaching for the heavens

Every once in a while you get lucky and stumble across something truly wonderful as you're trawling the web. When I was putting together this page of photos I came across the work of Bill Steber a photo journalist and researcher from Mississippi. Mr. Steber's pages contain some of the most amazing photos that I have ever seen, not just of musicians, but of the places that the blues were born in.
As Mr. Steber requested that permission be obtained prior to these photos being used, I would also request that you give him the same consideration that I did, and before using these for public display at your own site, please contact him via the web address above. In the meantime enjoy the pictures.

BB KIng Club Ebony

Every year B.B. King returns home to play the Club Ebony

David Johnson

Slide on home with Mr. David Johnson

Eugene Powell

Eugene Powell, one of the last of the Mississippi originals, now gone, like so many before him.

Mose Vinson Sun Records

Mose, playing the B3 as a session man for Sun Records in Memphis

Robert Walker Duck Walk on country road

Robert Walker walking backwards down a country road: halfway between here and there.

Black Cat Blues

Jack Owens on guitar and Bud Spires on Harp are hiden behind their guard cat.

Well that's it for now, and I'll be adding some more as I get permissions and as I find more. I know there are a lot of people I've missed. I'm sure some kind soul will let me know any and all the names that I"ve left out.

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