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Viggo Mortensen

For those of you who have shown up to this page in the hopes of finding a picture gallery of Viggo Mortensen, I apologize. I realize that most of you have been led here by a Google image search that returned this link, leading you to think that perhaps you would find a whole strew of images. Unfortunately all you'll find here are a series of links leading to reviews I've written of Mr. Mortensen's books of art, photographs, and poetry.

In an effort to offset that disappointment somewhat, I've decided to update the page a little and have now included excerpts from each review beside each link. I know that's not much of a consolation prize, but there are plenty of other sites you can go to and find pictures of Mr. Mortensen, while I think this is one of the few pages on the web where you can find links to reviews of nearly everything he's published. Of course there's always that x in the top left hand corner or the back arrow to take you back to your search if this really isn't what you want. For everyone else - read on and enjoy.

The other thing you should know is that do not come here looking for reproductions of his work, be it poem, photo, or painting. I may not have much respect for the big businesses that publishing or music have become, but small independent publishers like Perceval Press who publish Mr. Mortensen's work among others have my undying respect and admiration for attempting to produce meaningful and thoughtful work in a world where very few people care to even think anymore. So in their instance copyright is sacred.

This seems an appropriate time to say thank-you to the fine people at Perceval Press for giving me access to Mr. Mortensen's work in the form of review copies. I must have been doing something right because they actually let me come back to the well not twice but three times. So if through this page I'm able to increase their sales by even one or two people (HINT HINT) that would be a good thing.

Finally of course my appreciation goes out to Viggo Mortensen for creating such an amazing body of work that inspired me to write, I believe, more eloquently then I have in a long time. It was a wonderful challenge to delve into his works and see if I could find the words to describe how they affected me, and attempt to analysis them in as thoughtful a manner as they had been produced. There have been only a small number of artists in my life who have been able to remind me about the reasons I began trying to figure out my own means of expression years and years ago. Viggo Mortensen is one of them, and for that I will be ever grateful. Perhaps think of this page as my thank-you note for that invaluable service.

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